I’m more than overwhelmed to welcome you on our updated web-site and am sure you will find a new browsing experience while navigating through it.

The Civil Status Division dates back to the 18th Century and is an archive of citizens’ events. After being at the service of the whole nation of the Republic of Mauritius for more than two centuries, it was high time to re-engineer its services to meet the most demanding needs of the Mauritian Citizens evolving across time.

Since my appointment as the Registrar of Civil Status Division, I have got the golden opportunity to bring many changes while keeping in mind citizen’s needs which are in line with government policies. By putting people first, I intend to realize my vision of transforming the CSD into a leading organization.  As such, various training programs have been organized and sharing of knowledge has taken place among staff. Evaluation exercises have been carried out to promote effectiveness of these programs.

This updated website is one of the platforms to promote communication and dissemination of information across borders and a team has been set up to work while encouraging a good working environment and building team spirit.

I feel that the public will find it a good source to know about the services we provide so as to enable us achieve our mission towards excellence.


William Mario Ayelou