Certificate of Celibacy / Certificat de Célibat


Application for Civil Status documents from abroad

Persons residing abroad may apply for civil status certificates.

To enable searches to be carried out, an indicative date and place of the birth/death/marriage should be given upon application.

1) Foreign applicants can apply for Civil Status documents by:

a) E-mail on  civstat@govmu.org

b) Fax on     +230 2112420

c) Post on the following postal address:

Central Civil Status Office
7th Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building,
Port Louis,

NB: All applications for civil status documents either by fax or email should be forward directly only the the Central Civil Status Office. Foreign applicants need to provide a satisfactory proof of identity. In the absence of same, the Civil Status Division reserves the right not to process the request.

2) Foreign applicants can also authorise a person residing in Mauritius to collect the requested document.

However, the names and surname of the proxy will have to be communicated to this office in advance and the respective form should be filled accordingly by the applicant.

3) For foreign applicants who have no proxy in Mauritius, payment for postage fees is as follows:

​No. of Documents Euros Pounds​
​1 ​8 (4+4 Bank Charges)  ​10 (3+7 Bank Charges)
​2 ​9 (5+4 Bank Charges) ​11 (4+7 Bank Charges)
​3 ​10 (6+4 Bank Charges) ​12 (5+7 Bank Charges)
​4 ​11 (7+4 Bank Charges) ​13 (6+7 Bank Charges)
​5 ​12 (8+4 Bank Charges)  ​14 (7+7 Bank Charges)
​6 ​13 (9+4 Bank Charges)  ​15 (8+7 Bank Charges)
​7 ​14 (10+4 Bank Charges) ​16 (9+7 Bank Charges)
​8 ​15 (11+4 Bank Charges) ​17 (10+7 Bank Charges)
​9 ​16 (12+4 Bank Charges)  ​18 (11+7 Bank Charges)
​10 ​17 (13+4 Bank Charges) ​19 (12+7 Bank Charges)

NB: Where the document(s) requested by the applicant is/are to be apostilled, an additional fee of 3 Euros per document for citizens of Mauritius and 13 Euros per document for non-citizens should be added to the fee listed in the above table. For payments in Pound Sterling, the applicant should liaise with this office.

4) Cheques should be drawn to the order of the Government of Mauritius and be payable in Mauritius.

5) If payment is made through bank transfer, this office should be immediately notified upon completion of the transaction and a proof/copy of the transaction should be sent by mail on csdregistry@govmu.org or by post on the above address (1c). Corresponding bank details are hereby annexed. 

Further information on bank transfer, click here 

For any queries, please contact the Registry Section on the following:

         Email Address:  csdregistry@govmu.org​

Fax on:          +230 2112420

6) Time taken for clearance of Cheques and bank transfer is as follows:-

​​Description ​Time Taken (Max)
​Cheques ​ 6 – 8 Weeks
​Bank Transfer  ​On receipt by Accountant –General from Bank of Mauritius

7) For additional information, foreign applicants can contact this office by e-mail or by calling on +2302012279 or +2302011207.

Exchange rate : All transactions concerning postal orders must be done taking into consideration
the exchange rate.

8) Notification/Registration of marriages, death or divorce of Mauritian Citizens abroad

a) Only original duly authenticated/apostilled documents (Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate or Divorce judgment) and translated in English or French are accepted.

b) Original documents are kept and archived at the Central Civil Status Office and are returned to the parties concerned.
c) Only civil marriage and death pertaining to Mauritian Citizens abroad are registered on the Civil Status database.

Authorisation Letter For Application of Civil Status Documents from Abroad