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Study Tour - Ethiopian Delegation

Study tour of an Ethiopian delegation to the Civil Status Division
A delegation consisting of seven emissaries from the various Ethiopian agencies came to Mauritius, from the 17th to the 21st of August 2015. They were seeking expertise from the Civil Status Division (CSD). The purpose of the visit is to gather know-how and understand the various registration processes enforced by the CSD, with a view to set up a proper and accurate registration mechanism for Civil Status registration in Ethiopia.
The delegation was able to witness the interoperability of stakeholders concerned by civil status registration in Mauritius. This includes the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Security, as well as Statistics Mauritius. The members of the delegation were shown how the various registration processes are carried out in practice in Civil Status offices in Mauritius, starting from the Central Civil Status Office in Port Louis to the sub-offices in Quatre Bornes (in an urban area) and that of Bambous (in a rural locality).
They were able to visit the Dr Jeetoo Hospital, as well as the National Identity Card Unit, situated in Port Louis. They attended workshops on civil status registration delivered by the Mauritian Civil Status Officer to better understand the intricacies of the processes involved in the latter, from application for civil status acts to their delivery.
The Mauritian Civil Status Division, being one of the leading bodies in terms civil status registration in Africa, was chosen as an example to follow, with a registration rate for births, marriages and deaths nearing the 100% marker. The Ethiopian authorities seek to improve their existing registration system. In fact, about 90% of births in Ethiopia are undeclared and the local authorities need the Mauritian expertise to remedy this situation.
The delegation was headed by Mr Tamiru Genbeto, from the Federal Vital Events Registration Agency, Mr Ahmed Shami Umer, of the Afar Region Vital Events Registration Agency, Mr Demsis Gebre Atrife, of the SNNP Vital Events Registration Agency, Mr Assene Dargo Berhe, from the Tigray Region Vital Events Registration Core Process, Mr Wudneh Desta Tegenu, from the Addis Ababa City Administration Agency and Mr Brook Tesfaye Tekle, from the Federal Ministry of Health in Ethiopia.