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Civil Status Division

A birth should be registered within 45 days from the date of birth at the Civil Status office of the locality within the district in which the birth took place or in which the parents resided at the time of birth.

No witness is required at the time of registration.
If a birth has not been declared within the 45 days' delay as prescribed by law, an authorization  should be obtained from the Registrar of Civil Status to enable registration.
If a child is not registered within 3 months of the birth, the parent have to apply for a declaration before the Magistrate of the district where the birth took place.

Responsibility to declare birth

If the parents are civilly married to each other, only one parent may appear before the Civil Status Officer to declare the birth.
If the parents are not civilly married and both wish to acknowledge the child, they should both call on the Civil Status Officer to acknowledge the child and sign the registers of birth.
 If only one parent declare a birth, then the child will bear the surname of that parent.


Documents to be Produced
   (1) Birth certificates of both parents.
   (2) Marriage certificate of parents (if civilly married).
   (3) Attestation of birth issu​ed by the hospital or clinic authorities.
   (4) National Identity cards of parents/informants.




Birth on Mauritian ship or aircraft
   (1) Where a birth takes place on board any ship or aircraft registered in Mauritius the master of the ship or aircraft shall draw up a memorandum of the birth.
   (2) On the arrival of the ship in any harbour of Mauritius or the landing of the aircraft in Mauritius, the master shall deliver the memorandum to the Director of Shipping or the Director of Civil Aviation as the case may be, who shall transmit it to the Registrar of Civil Status for registration in the appropriate Register.